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Probably the first stone used for ornamental purposes was a smooth colored river rock. Or maybe a pretty river stone was spotted before a hunter successfully got his dinner. The hunter then carried that pretty river stone with him as his lucky hunting stone. Stones of all kinds have played a very important part of the history of humans. From little river stones to huge stones, such as those found in Stonehenge, stones of all sizes and types have been called "the bones of Mother Earth". Stones have been used as talismans and amulets since recorded history and likely before that.

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Agate Blue LaceAgate (Blue Lace):
A grounding stone. Stimulates the expression of thoughts and feelings, grounds and increases comfort in the body.
Balances feminine and masculine energies, encourages trusting behavior, stimulates both sides of the brain to work, enhances intuitive perception as well as reasoning, and is a good stone for artists.
Stone of peace. Calms fears, raises hopes, lifts spirits, strengthens commitments, helps overcome addictions, increases psychic awareness, and aids good judgment. One of the few stones prescribed for a man to attract a loving woman.
All-around good luck stone and popular gamblers’ talisman. Increases perception and creativity, enhances intelligence and speeds the healing process.
Helps live in the here and now, eliminates confusion, enhances decision-making, removes energy blocks, and strengthens the immune system.
An energy amplifier, calcite helps to activate and clear the chakras, bringing one closer to a natural state of perfection. Increases physical energy, aids awareness and enhances appreciation of the surrounding universe. It is a great stone for anyone studying the arts and sciences.
Stimulates inherent talents, bolsters courage, confers eloquence and confidence, making carnelian excellent for public speaking or dramatic pursuits. Protects against envy, fear and doubt, and stimulates sexual impulses.
Wealth stone. Improves financial situations, promotes a happy disposition, encourages one to look toward the sunrise, brings comfort and optimism, prevents nightmares, and helps circulation and ingestion.
Sacred to Venus, the goddess of love, emeralds protect love and fidelity between partners, and represents hope, wisdom, and peace of mind. A form of beryl, emeralds are said to be most powerful in the greening time of spring.
Stabilizes and produces order in the mental, physical and spiritual realms, helps one to think objectively and impartially, gaining a realistic and accurate perspective, heightens mental capabilities, and assists in attaining physical perfection.
Enhances endurance and vigor, performing vigorous physical or mental activities, repels negative energy, guards health (especially when traveling), and aids with skin problems. Garnet is exchanged between friends to show affection.
Possessing many of the properties of copper, goldstone dissipates the fog of illusions and brings order, clears the way for new things, and enhances the flow of communications.
All-around healing stone. Draws illness from the body, enhances memory and mental capability, stimulates technical and original thinking, and helps one to break free from self-imposed limitations.
Combines the power of reasoning with observation and patience, promotes a desire for knowledge, facilitates awareness, discourages irrational behavior, encourages progress and triumph, drives ambition, and eliminates pain and stress.
Leopard Skin JasperJasper (Leopard Skin):
Stone of protection and nurturing. Guards against physical and non-physical hazards, sustains energy during hospitalization and illness, and promotes mental processes.
Red JasperJasper (Red):
Brings stability and increases autonomy. A stone of justice and fairness that is powerfully protective in times of danger.
Relates to dreams, illusions and imagination. Helps to perceive beyond the physical plane and strengthens intuition and psychic abilities.
Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli:
Brings acceptance and serenity, and helps to understand oneself, others, and the higher principles that govern the universe.
Love-attracting stone. Works out problems between quarreling lovers, promotes restful sleep when placed beneath pillow, helps to maintain youthful appearance, and aids in weight loss.
ObsidianObsidian (Snowflake):
Calms the turmoil brought about by changes, brings purity, protects from negativity, and can help one see what is hidden in the unconscious, particularly those patterns that hold one back.
Stone of protection. Defends against negativity, banishes grief, enhances self-control, stimulates wise decision-making, encourages happiness and good fortune, and promotes recognition of personal strengths.
Sustains well-being, stimulates intellect, helps one see through facades, promotes beautiful memories, shields from negative energy, protects from dangerous work, and brings luck.
Clear QuartzQuartz (Crystal/Clear):
Harmonizes body and mind, enhances clear thinking and effective action, increases physical and mental energy, enhances patience and perseverance, laughter and love, and redirects negative energy to a positive state.
Rose QuartzQuartz (Rose):
Stimulates and attracts love, restores self-love, brings fidelity and peacefulness to existing relationships, promotes peace, calm, gentleness, and happiness, and enhances receptivity to art, music and literature.
Smokey QUartzQuartz (Smoky):
Helps in living in the present moment, enhances organizational skills, clears up miscommunications, opens up the paths of perception and learning, and brings joy.
An attractive mineral often used in making jewelry, it is named after the Greek word for rose, rhodon, and is known as the stone of love. Aids the central nervous system, strengthens immunity, improves memory, eases trauma, and aligns the root and heart chakras for bringing love into action. It is a great stone for healers working in cities.
Facilitates communication with all levels of the celestial realm, especially the angelic realm, by raising the vibration rate of the user’s consciousness, and enhances opening the third eye and the crown chakra.
Supports emotional healing, relaxes mind and body, ameliorates inner turmoil and distress, provides direction and lightness of heart, and promotes the ability to reach logical conclusions.
Tiger's EyeTiger’s Eye:
Promotes energy flow through the body when worn, lends confidence, strengthens convictions, protects against danger, increases psychic awareness, and stimulates wealth.
TurqueniteTurquenite (Blue Howlite):
Combines the power of reasoning with observation and patience, promotes a desire for knowledge, facilitates awareness, discourages irrational behavior, encourages progress and triumph, drives ambition, and eliminates pain and stress.
Stimulates the healing of the soul, helps awaken the higher self and eliminate pent-up emotions, and helps to discern favorable relationships.