Theosophy at the Quest Bookshop

The Quest Bookshop has an entire section on Theosophy.

The word, “Theosophy”, comes from the Greek words theos, meaning having to do with the divine, and sophia, meaning wisdom. It refers to a search for the “divine wisdom”, or, in more modern parlance, the basic truths behind the Universe: how it works, how it should work and why it works.

While studies in theosophy have existed for millennia, modern theosophy can trace its roots to the efforts of Helena Blavatsky, a Russian noblewoman turned US citizen, Col. Henry Olcott, a prominent government investigator, and William Judge, a New York lawyer, who together founded the Theosophical Society in 1875. They proposed a view of the Universe outside that of the then-prevalent point of view that the inner workings of the Universe were already well-known, bringing forth a proposition that there was more to the Universe than could be determined with only our five senses. Blavatsky wrote a number of books giving her views (notably Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine).

Theosophy takes a holistic view of the world, attempting to find the common truths and connections behind what can be sensed and measured, and human belief systems. The Theosophical Society was initially successful in bringing Eastern spiritual concepts to the West, and currently continues to encourage a holistic search for knowledge.

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