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12/6/16 is the day of Water Dragon in the month of Earth Pig. It is a clash combination, and it favors competition.
The day is designated as inauspicious and initiate. It is not useful for any activities.
An initiate day involves beginning something. But the day is not good.
The lunar mansion is Shi, Room. It is a good star to have when you intend to get married.
If you were born in a year or day of a Monkey, Rat, and Dragon, this is a good day for creative work.
Dragon, the sign of this day, is in harmony with Monkey, Rat, Tiger, and Rooster; neutral with Snake, Horse, Sheep, Pig, and Ox; clashes with Dragon and Dog; and ambivalent toward Rabbit.
The I Ching hexagram, the King using the Wen method, is number 27, line 4.
Hexagram 27 is Yi, Jaws. Pay attention to providing nourishment, and to what a man seeks to fill his own mouth with.
Line 4 You turn to the summit for proper nourishment, and this is good fortune. You spy about like a tiger with insatiable hunger. The zodiac signs of line 4 are Dog and Horse, they are harmonious. By the element of the season these are weak. By the element of the hexagram, they signify money and support. Dog and Horse are in harmony with the signs of changing line, 6, and neutral with the signs of the day and month. The Water of Water Dragon day puts a worm in line 4. You have to be careful.
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