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Services at the Quest Bookshop - Healing and Meditation at the Quest Bookshop

Facilitated by Angella A. Focas

Saturdays, Twice a Month 4:45 – 6:15 P.M. (Call for Monthly Schedule: 212-758-5521) or see our events calendar.

Awakening Spirit through Meditation is an ongoing series of classes exploring the philosophy, theory, and practice of meditation and spirituality. Meditation as taught by this center incorporates a wide variety of practices useful in balancing and harmonizing the physical body, emotions, and thoughts. With these three aspects of self in balance and harmony, a reconnection with innate spiritual wisdom and healing is established.

Reawakening to our spiritual essence is not a luxury, a pastime, a diversion from life’s responsibilities, or a trite morality; it is a vital necessity for living a whole, purposeful, and dynamic life.

The meditation techniques taught here are meant to be practiced in the world of day-to-day life—all the time, not merely during formal sessions infrequently set aside for practice.

Results obtained will include conscious awareness and attention, peace of mind and body, health and vitality, and a sense of life’s real meaning and purpose, as well as many other benefits.

There is no fee, but donations are not refused.

You are invited to join with others. Welcome!